Bicocca Low Temperature Detectors Lab in the PNRR for Quantum Technologies

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University of Milano-Bicocca is affilliated to the National Centre for HPC Big Data and Quantum Computing (ICSC) and to National Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI) initiative of the PNRR.

The Cryogenics Laboratory and BiQuTe will play a crucial role supporting the activities for the development of superconducting quantum devices in the Quantum Computing Spoke of ICSC and in the Integration and Complete Quantum Systems spokes of NQSTI. University of Milano-Bicocca is leader of the spoke Integration of NQSTI which is devoted to the integration of quantum systems.

In particular the activities are highly synergic with the Dartwars and qub-IT projects and they will be carried out in collaboration with groups from INFN, FBK, CNR and University of Naples.

ICSC and NQSTI are also funding PhD positions at University of Milano-Bicocca linked to BiQuTe activity in Quantum Technologies. For more information please contact Angelo Nucciotti.

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