Cryogenic Laboratory

The Cryogenic Laboratory is hosted by the Physics Department of the Milano-Bicocca University. The Laboratory is one of the largest and most advanced cryogenic facility dedicated to radiation detector research, particle physics experiments, and quantum technologies worldwide.

The Laboratory is located at the third level underground: this location provides an environment protected from vibrations, electromagnetic interference and allows also for a slight reduction of cosmic rays. It hosts four He3/He4 dilution refrigerators which allow the cooling of relatively large (from 3500 to 30000 cm3 ) experimental set-ups to temperatures as low as 0.01 K. The newest of the four refrigerators is cryogen-free. 

The Laboratory is fully equipped for low temperature radiation detector testing as well as with vacuum and low temperature instrumentation, calibration sources, electronic instrumentation (oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, multimeters, etc.), data acquisition systems, instrument control systems and computing and data storage systems.  The Cryogenic Laboratory maintenance and activity is supported by INFN

The activity in the Cryogenic Laboratory is connected also to other facilities in the Department:

  • the Detector Assembly Laboratory featuring a ISO 6 (class 1000) clean area equipped with a 6 axis micro-positioning tool, microscopes, a 2 micrograms precision balance and  bonding machines (both ball and wedge)
  • the Low Radioactivity Laboratory, equipped with four shielded low activity high efficiency High Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometers and two planar Germanium X-ray spectrometers.
  • the ICP-MS Laboratory, with a class 1000 fully equipped Clean Room hosting two ICP-MS spectrometers (one Quadrupole ICP-MS and one Double Focusing Magnetic Sector ICP-MS allow the determination of trace elements with concentrations of one part in 1012 and 1015, respectively)
  • the Electronic Laboratory
  • the Machine Workshop

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He3/He4 Dilution refrigerators

Cryogenic Laboratory