BiQuTe and the new Centro Nazionale di Ricerca in High Performance Computing, Big Data e Quantum Computing

The National Centre for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing has been approved. University of Milano-Bicocca will be affilliated to the Centre and, within the Firmware and hardware platforms work package of the Quantum Computing spoke, BiQuTe will contribute to the Photonic and Superconducting Circuits tasks. Press Release INFN 

The Cryogenics Laboratory will play a crucial role to support the Superconducting Circuits task which includes the devolpment and deployment of a comlpete computing platform with few coupled superconducting qubits. This activity leverages the Dartwars and qub-IT projects and it will be carried out in collaboration with groups from INFN, CNR and University of Naples.

The National Centre is also funding a PhD position at University of Milano-Bicocca linked to BiQuTe activity in the Quantum Computing spoke. For more information please contact Angelo Nucciotti.