Cryogenic Laboratory

The Refrigerators

The Old TL200 and the New KX400

Their Gas Handling …

… and their pumps

The Young MX40


The Laboratory

The Second Level

Under the balcony

The Air Conditioning and UPS

The Server and more…

The Experiments

Measuring the Neutrino Mass with AgReO4

AgReO4 crystals

On a NASA/GSFC XRS-2 implanted silicon thermistor array

On the SiN membranes of a NTD bolometer array from Max-Planck-Institute fur Radioastronomie


The detector assembly tool

The arrays

The cold electronics

The cryogenic set-up

The room temperature set-up

Superconducting Microresonators

The resonators

The set-up

Scintillating Bolometers

The scintillating crystals

The light detectors

The shielded set-up

Crystals for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

A Nd compound…

CUORE Cryogenics

Measuring the copper low temperature heat-leak

Testing the CUORE Pulse Tube

Testing the CUORE wiring

Testing the OVC, 40K and IVC vessel at the production site before shipping to LNGS

The Laboratory Courses for students

Parity Violation in 60Co Beta Becay

Rare Alpha Decays


Francesca, Elena, Saskia, Marco, Claudio, Luca, David, Giancarlo and more and more …

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